Solutions - Closed Containment

Namgis Closed Containment salmon farmGoal: To catalyze a "Made in Canada" World Class Closed Containment Aquaculture Industry


  • SOS is a Project Partner in the 'Namgis First Nation's KUTERRA land-based salmon farm.  Click here for the latest informaton -includes progress updates, backgrounder, photos, and media coverage.
  • Click here for media coverage on closed containment salmon farming in general
  1. "Salmon Aquaculture GHG Emissions - A Preliminary Comparison of Land-Based Closed Containment and Open Ocean Net-Pen Aquaculture" (Updated August 24, 2011)
  2. "Technologies for Viable Salmon Aquaculture - An Examination of Land-Based Closed Containment Aquaculture" (May 2010).
Further reports on closed containment: