Marine Harvest Accused of Bribery for Farm Site [Scotland]

The Fish Site
April 4, 2012

Marine Harvest has been accused of offering "bribes" to the islanders of Colonsay to get them to agree to a controversial plan to turn their waters into a giant fish farm, reports Herald Scotland.

The Norwegian firm has promised the 120 residents of Colonsay, to the north of Islay, £50,000 up front and £10,000 a year thereafter if they vote for 12 salmon cages to be moored 1500 metres off their east coast, reports HeraldScotland. It would be the island's first commercial fish farm.

Islanders are split on the issue, with some worried about environmental risks and others anxious for new jobs. They will vote on the plan later this year, and the company has pledged to abide by the outcome.

People on different sides of the argument, canvassed by the Sunday Herald last week, all agreed the result of the vote was too close to call.

One of the most ardent opponents is 60-year-old Mike McNicholl, who retired yesterday as owner of the local shop. The cash on offer was undoubtedly "a bribe", he said, aimed at winning support for a development that would later expand.

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Posted April 4th, 2012